June Lake Neighborhood Workshops

The purpose of this webpage is to provide access to the input and feedback from the May workshop series, and all of the documents and presentations from the June policy meetings. All the documents are attached at the bottom of the page, and are explained below.

A complete compilation of workshop data and information, including deliberation by the Planning Commission up to their February 15, 2018, meeting, is provided as the first attachment at the bottom of the page.


May Workshop Input

  • "Presentation: Data & Information Review Meeting 06.07.17" - the May workshop input was presented at the June 7 meeting through this powerpoint presentation.
  • "Workshop Input RAW 06.04.17" is the verbatim and unsorted documentation of public input from the workshops.
  • "Workshop Input by Neighborhood 06.06.17" is the raw public input sorted into general categories for each single-family neighborhood area.
  • "Workshop Input - No Neighborhood & Village 06.06.17" is input from participants located in the Village or not associated with a specific single-family neighborhood.
  • "Sticky Dot Exercise 06.26.17 updated" is the most recent spreadsheet tallying support for various potential solutions, and is sorted into categories to help identify patterns. Adobe Acrobat pdf's for specific neighborhoods have been posted for the Clark Tract, Petersen Tract, and then all other neighborhoods combined.

A few key points about the "sticky dot" excel file to keep in mind:

  • The sticky dot straw poll has no statistical value or data integrity. It is simply meant to get a feel for opinions in the room at the time.
  • The sticky dot results do not put us in a "box." We have the flexibility to craft solutions that make the most sense as we continue to analyze this information, and gain a better understanding of what can and can't be done from a legal and governmental standpoint.
  • The straw poll should not be interpreted as votes "for" or "against" short-term rentals. Participants against rentals were encouraged to sticky dot other solutions, and vice-versa. 

The files are provided, when possible, in word or excel format. Feel free to download and work with or analyze the information yourself! 

A few key points about the input to keep in mind while reviewing the information:

  • Neighborhood Character: These are the values that need to be protected, and "why" we make policy.
  • Negatives: These are the impacts, real or perceived, of short-term rentals that need to be eliminated, avoided, reduced, or mitigated to the best of our ability.
  • Positives: These are the opportunities and benefits, real or percieved, of short-term rentals that need to be taken advantage of to the best of our ability.
  • Solutions: These are potential ways that we meet our goals of protecting neighborhood character, minimizing the negatives, and taking advantage of the positives.

June 14 Meeting

  • "Presentation: Policy Direction 06.14.17" is the powerpoint that was given at the June 14 meeting to initiate policy discussion.
  • "Description of taxes and fees" describes the taxes and fees that a local government can collect, and how those funds may be used.
  • "Review of Solutions" is an initial analysis to determine whether solutions were viable or not.

June 28 Meeting

Other Documents


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