County Road Closures

Information current as of:  Wednesday, 3/13/2019, 8:30 a.m.

Saddlebag Lake Road: Closed for the winter season.

Bodie Road: Due to a mudslide on 8/14/18 and extensive road wash-outs, the Bodie Road is closed from the Nevada State line into Mineral County Nevada. This section of roadway has severe damage that makes the road impassible. Mineral County may not have it repaired until the spring of 2019. For details on the status of State Hwy 270 (aka the Bodie Road), please check 

Cottonwood Canyon Road: Closed/gated approximately 4 miles from the intersection with Hwy. 167.

Lundy Lake Road: Closed/gated approximately 1.5 miles from intersection with Hwy 395, at the bottom gate.

Virginia Lakes Road: Snow removal operations were suspended on January 16, and the road is currently closed at the bottom parking lot and open to over-snow travel. The closure determination will be revisited every Monday and snow removal operations will resume when weather, avalanche conditions, and resources permit. 

NOTE: Most Forest Service roads are currently impassable in wheeled vehicles, and open to over-snow travel. Check local weather forecasts before any visits to remote areas.

Actual road closures and activity will be updated periodically – please consider these notices as warnings, and plan accordingly. Contact the Town of Mammoth Lakes for the status of roads within the town's limits (760-934-8054). Currently, Mono County does not manage snow removal in that area.

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Past Road Activities and Projects:

See Projects and Notices page.

If you'd like to report a hazardous road condition on county roads, call (760) 932-5440.
To report a hazardous condition on a State Highway, contact Caltrans at (760)872-0601. For current Caltrans Highway conditions go to or call them at 1-800-427-7623.