County Road Closures

Information current as of:  4/1/2020.

COVID-19 IMPACTS: In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 into the area, multiple roads that access tourist attractions in the county have been closed.  These include the roads leading to Travertine Hot Springs, Buckeye Hot Springs, Whitmore Hot Springs and Bodie State Park.  We also ask that at this time, you limit your travel to Mono County from out of town to help prevent the spread of this virus.  Thank you

Virginia Lakes Road:  Open to the Trumbull Lake Campground

Saddlebag Lake Road: Closed for the winter.

Lundy Lake Road: Closed at 2nd Gate (at the dam)

Rock Creek Road: Closed at snow park gate for the winter

NOTE: Many Forest Service roads that have been clear for the past few months may become impassable in wheeled vehicles with the onset of the coming storm. Although certain sections of roads may be dry, large snow drifts exist in the upper elevations and shaded locations. Check local weather forecasts before any visits to remote areas, and be prepared.  ***Please note that the Mono County maintained dirt roads that lead to Bodie State Park are still largely impassable***

Actual road closures and activity will be updated periodically – please consider these notices as warnings, and plan accordingly. Contact the Town of Mammoth Lakes for the status of roads within the town's limits (760-934-8054). Currently, Mono County does not manage snow removal in that area.

Caltrans road closures in Mono County as of 2/26/20 - Please check for current information on the status of Caltrans maintained roads.  

Bodie Road: Closed

Tioga Pass/State Route 120 West: Closed

Mono Mills/State Route 120 East:  Open 

Sonora Pass/State Route 108: Closed

Monitor Pass/State Route 89​: Closed

Ebbetts Pass/State Route 4: Closed

State Route 158 North from the north junction of U.S. Hwy 395: Open

State Route 168 West from the Aspendell gate: Closed

State Route 168 East (Westgard-Gilbert Pass): Open

State Route 203 from the Mammoth Mountain Lodge to the Mono/Madera county line: Closed

Past Road Activities and Projects:

See Projects and Notices page.

If you'd like to report a hazardous road condition on county roads, call (760) 932-5440.
To report a hazardous condition on a State Highway, contact Caltrans at (760)872-0601. For current Caltrans Highway conditions go to or call them at 1-800-427-7623.