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Setting Standards of Sustainability in Rural California

Mono County Solid Waste Facilities Remain Open

Landfills and Transfer Stations (aka The Dump) will remain open as regularly scheduled during Caronavirus precautions. 

Organics Recycling

Assembly Bill 341 Mandatory Commercial Recycling -

Assembly Bill 1826 Commercial Organics Recycling -

Propane Tank

Propane tanks will only be accepted at Mono County waste facilities if they are empty and de-valved (Excluding 1lb tanks). Visitors are encouraged to return/exchange tanks to their place of purchase.

Treated Wood

Acceptance of Treated Wood Waste will be limited to 220lbs or less / person / month. For large loads of Treated Wood Waste you can contact one of our Franchise Haulers or consider the following list for disposal options in CA:  

Franchise Haulers: D&S Waste Removal, Mammoth Disposal

Transfer Station
Mono County operates 7 disposal facilities, 3 of which are active landfills. To find out what is accepted, contact information, and hours of operation for each facility, follow the links or explore the webmap below.
Recycling symbol
Mono County provides 6 recycling facilities within the county. These facilities are extensions of our Transfer Stations, where separated recyclables can be dropped off, and transported to processing centers.
Recycle Used Oil Logo

Each of Mono County's 7 solid waste facilities are Certified Used Oil Collection Centers and offer used oil and oil filter recycling to residential customers at no-charge.

Used oil should not be mixed with other liquids otherwise it will need to be handled as a hazardous waste. 

Carpet in a dumpster

Carpet recycling is now available at Benton Crossing Landfill

Carpet must be delivered dry and free of debris, and loaded into the recycling container.

The cost is $5 per load for carpet that is recycled, and $74/ton for carpet disposed of as Construction and Demolition waste. This creates tremendous savings for the effort. 

For additional information on the effort that is funding this important recycling effort, visit

No Plastic Bags image

On November 8, 2016 the voters of California approved SB 270, the so-called "Plastic Bag Ban" that applies to certain stores throughout the state.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bill are included below. 

Additional information from CalRecycle can be located at:

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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Solid Waste system in Mono County, along with links to additional resources.

The Solid Waste Task Force (SWTF) is a diverse group of citizens with a stake in the operations of the Solid Waste Program in Mono County. The group is governed by a set of bylaws that were adopted in May 2015 by both the Mono County Board of Supervisors as well as the Town of Mammoth Lakes Town Council.