Animal Control

The Animal Control is a public health and safety enforcement agency dedicated to protecting people from animals, and, animals from people.

The Animal Control Motto

"Treat everyone that we meet as we wish to be treated - treat every animal as if it were our own." 


Adoptable Animals:

All animals not wearing a current dog license will be impounded at the applicable animal shelter. Animals running loose in a "Leash Law" area will also be impounded regardless as to whether they are wearing a current license or not.

Cats are not applicable for licensing but may be impounded if they are trapped due to nuisance issues. To see if your missing dog or cat is at the local shelter, please call (760) 932-5582 as soon as possible.

--- Attention Mammoth Lakes Residents ---

Mono County Animal Control does not issue dog licenses to dogs living within the town of Mammoth Lakes, if you are a resident of the town of Mammoth Lakes, you may acquire a dog license through the MAMMOTH LAKES POLICE DEPARTMENT.

********** Why License? 


For schedule of clinics See the animal control home page or a link below

Mono County Animal Control is pleased to announce the upcoming clinic schedules for the annual low cost vaccination clinics for dog and cat owners.  The clinics are typically scheduled throughout Mono County during the month of June for the convenience of  Mono County dog and cat owners, visitors to the County, as well as Nevada,  Inyo County and Mammoth Lakes residents. This year due to COVID, they are scheduled during the month of July.