Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program

One of the most important health decisions you'll make for your animal is to spay or neuter. Mono County Animal Services would like to offer help by providing a voucher to share the cost of the surgery. The cost is shared between the pet owner and Mono County Animal Services. To qualify you must possess a valid dog license, if applicable, and be a resident of Mono County. If you are interested in receiving a voucher, please fill the following form out. 



Mono County pays a portion of the surgery in order to lower the cost for the owner. Remember that complications such as pregnancy and cryptorchidism may alter the bill. Mono County’s contribution is fixed, any alterations in the cost are the owner’s responsibility.  

Below you can see the prices an owner can expect to pay with their voucher, depending on the type of surgery, from the Sierra Vet Clinic in Bishop.  

Dog: Neuter: $35   

Dog: Spay: $45


Cat: Neuter: $15     

Cat: Spay: $35     


When to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

For dogs: While the traditional age for neutering is six to nine months, puppies as young as eight weeks old can be neutered as long as they’re healthy. Dogs can be neutered as adults as well, although there’s a slightly higher risk of post-operative complications in older dogs, dogs that are overweight or dogs that have health problems.

For cats: It is generally considered safe for kittens as young as eight weeks old to be spayed or neutered. In animal shelters, surgery is often performed at this time so that kittens can be sterilized prior to adoption. In an effort to avoid the start of urine spraying and eliminate the chance for pregnancy, it’s advisable to schedule the surgery before your own cat reaches five months of age. It’s possible to spay a female cat while she’s in heat.

Talk to your veterinarian to determine the best time to spay or neuter your pet.