Forms, Permits, and Applications

Title Attachments Submit Online
Aboveground Storage tanks
Additional Forms
Affidavit to Amend a Marriage Record
Birth Certificate Application
Building Permit Applications
Business License Application
Business Property Statement
Cannabis Application - Operation Permit only
Cannabis Application - Use & Operation Permit (combined)
Cannabis Application - Use Permit only
Capital Improvement/Facilities/Maintenance Project Request Form
CCW - Amendments to Permit
CCW - Initial Permit
CCW - Renewal Permit
Certificate of Compliance
Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon Form
Change of Ownership Statement
Citizen's Comments
Civil Unit
Claim For Reassessment Exclusion For Transfer Between Parent and Child
Commercial Cannabis Activities
Commercial Cannabis Activities
Commission Interpretation
Community Centers
Concealed Weapons Permits (CCW)
Contact the County Submit Online
Death Certificate Application
Director Review
Dog Licensing Requirements
Electronic Reporting and Hazardous Materials Business Plan Requirements
Encroachment Permit Package
Environmental Processing/Review
Fictitious Business Name Statement (FBN)
Fill-in Vote By Mail Application
Film Permits
Formal Appeal and Request to be heard before the Assessment Appeals Board
General Plan Amendment
GIS Data Request Submit Online
Grading Permit Application
Grandparent to Grandchild Exclusion
Groundwater Transfer/Extraction
Have You Experienced Substantial Flood/Snow Damage
Hazardous Waste
Helpful Resources
Home Occupation, Expanded
Informal Assessment Review