Online Probation Payments


Use the Pay Now button above to make online payments toward your various Probation fines/fees, when they are court ordered as payable to the Mono County Probation Department.  A convenience fee will be calculated based on your payment amount.   Online Payment options available include:

Debit – Master Card and Visa

Credit Card – Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover


** Please note you may also pay by cash, card or check in person at the Mono County Probation Department in Bridgeport or Mammoth Lakes. 

When you click on the above web link - Pay Now, it will bring you to a screen where you will provide your name and case number.  Please make sure you use the correct case number that you wish to make a payment on.  If you are paying on more than one case for more than one item, please use the other selection to type in both case numbers and how you would like the payment split/the purpose of the payment.   The payment screen also has a side menu where you will choose your Probation Payment Selection.  

These selections include:

  • Cost of Probation
  • Cost of Diversion
  • Electronic Monitoring (This is where you would make payments towards SCRAM, GPS, or Sober Link)
  • Juvenile Traffic
  • PC 1000
  • State Victim Fund
  • Other  (Anything that is ordered but not listed above and is to be payable to Probation.  Please make sure to write a description on the next line of what it may refer to.  Example:  Monthly Mandatory Supervision Fee.)  This is also where you can split your payment between two cases or two selections as listed above.

**PLEASE NOTE ALL RESTITUTION PAYMENTS SHOULD NOT BE MADE HERE, THEY ARE TO BE MADE TO THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE. Please use the link below for making a restitution payment to the District Attorney's Office:

** Please note specified Court Fines and Fees ordered, are to be paid at the Mono County Courthouse in Bridgeport or Mammoth Lakes or on their website at: 

** Upon making an online payment, it is recommended you print out your receipt and keep record of all payments made through the duration of your sentence.