Community Corrections Partnership (CCP)

Senate Bill 678 was signed into law on November 4, 2009 and with the passage of this bill came the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP).  However, the significance of SB 678 was much more than the establishment of the CCP.  California has seen a paradigmatic shift in philosophy and unprecedented systemic changes in community corrections.  There have been statewide efforts to expand the use of evidence based practices (EBP) in sentencing and probation practices and programs and to reduce the number of probationers being sent to prison after a violation of probation.

Originally sanctioned as an advisory body for implementation of adult programming in probation, the CCP was amended through AB109 (2011 Realignment) to include an executive committee charged with the responsibility of developing a local plan for realignment.  The executive committee members are tasked to:

  1. Development and submission of Local Realignment Implementation Plan
  2. Continuous quality improvement
  3. Community resource planning and sustainability
  4. Collection of baseline data to measure against desired future outcomes
  5. Analysis and maintenance of services for adult offender population
  6. Fiduciary oversight and fiscal responsibility for the funding associated with AB 109
  7. Evaluation of and recommended modifications to programs and systemic process and programs