The facilities division is responsible for maintenance on all County Facilities including parks, buildings, cemeteries, campgrounds and airports. The facilities division is also responsible for numerous capital improvement projects, energy efficiency projects, as well as ADA accessibility projects. We will also focus on refining our existing maintenance systems which include weekly inspections of playgrounds, quarterly inspections of Community Centers and existing facilities, bi-annual maintenance and inspection of heating and cooling systems county wide. The aforementioned inspections will also contribute to increased energy efficiency and cost savings. The plan is to continue to improve the implementation/ documentation of the aforementioned inspections and maintenance to strive for a seamless transition from season to season. Lastly, we would like to carry on with our focus on ADA accessibility projects, Capital Improvement Projects, and Grant Funded projects which allow us to lessen facilities impact on the general fund. If you wish to submit a request for a Capital Improvement project, please use our Project Request Form located below.


In keeping with the spirit of the Strategic Plan the facilities division has continued to focus on customer service, collaboration, and innovation both for our constituents and employees by completing many high profile projects and over 700 work orders. The facilities division has been particularly busy this past year with numerous significant projects including;

  • Bridgeport Shop Biomass Project. Funded by Sierra Nevada Conservancy.
  • Phase II & III of the Bridgeport Memorial Hall Renovation. Funded by CSA 5.
  • Gull Lake Park ADA restrooms Funded by a CDBG grant.
  • Crowley Lake Park ADA restrooms Funded by a CDBG grant.
  • Benton Park ADA restrooms Funded by a CDBG grant.

​The facilities staff has developed into a highly skilled team that is a tremendous asset to the county. The ability to accomplish tasks of increasing technical difficulty such as the Biomass Boiler, which the county applied for a 2017 CSAC Challenge award, as well as facility remodels, energy efficiency projects, and exploring new technologies which has saved the county significant resources in energy reduction, installation costs, and reduced maintenance expenses. The facilities division looks forward to continuing the transition to a strategic long term plan for all of the county’s parks and facilities