Documents, Reports, and Presentations

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Mono-Gram - Zika Update 3/30/2016
10/2017 Board Update
11/2017 Board Update
12/2017 Board Update
2007-2008 Audits
2007-2008 Budget
2008-2009 Audits
2008-2009 Budget
2009-2010 Audits
2009-2010 Budget
2010-2011 Audits
2010-2011 Budget
2011-12 Proposed Budget
2011-2012 Audits
2011-2012 Budget
2012-13 County Fee Summary - June 2012
2012-13 Tax Rates
2012-2013 Audits
2013 June Mountain Operation Plan
2013-14 County Fee Summary
2013-14 Tax Rates
2014-15 Tax Rates
2014-2015 Budget
Antelope Valley
Area Plan Policy Review
Aspens at Gull Lake (January, 2007)
Bodie RV Park Specific Plan
Bridgeport Main Street Revitalization
Brown Specific Plan & EIR (September, 2004)
Building Division Resources
Clone of Mono City Secondary Ingress/Egress Road ROW
Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Conway Ranch Conservation Easement
Conway Ranch Strategic Facility Plan
Conway SFP Outreach
County Buildings
County Code
Crowley Lake SP & FEIR (October 2001)
Eastern Sierra Housing Needs Assessment
Ethics Training
Exhibit A - Housing Mitigation Requirements
Food Program
General Plan
Guiding Principles
Helpful Resources
Highway as Main Street & Context- Sensitive Solutions
January is National Radon Action Month
June Lake Area Plan
June Lake Highlands II, Specific Plan & FEIR (January, 2001)