Wood Waiver Program

Since 2007, the Board of Supervisors has annually renewed a program intended to encourage the public to clear a 30-foot defensible space around their homes by providing a free and convenient disposal option for clean wood waste removed from within that zone.

These "Wood Waivers" are available through local fire districts that distribute the coupons to local residents following based on individual properties' defensible space needs.

To obtain a waiver, please contact your local fire district:

Joe Harris, Chief
White Mountain Fire Protection District
Post Office Box 945
Benton, California  93512
(760) 933-2252
Dale Schmidt, Chief
Wheeler Crest Fire Protection District
129 Willow Road
Swall Meadows, California  93514
(760) 387-2955
Barbara Schnieder
Paradise Fire Protection District
5300 Lower Rock Creek Road
Bishop, California  93514
(760) 387-2255
Tom Strazdins, Chief
Lee Vining Fire Protection District
Post Office Box 246
Lee Vining, California  93541
(760) 647-6400
Julie Baldwin, Chief
June Lake Fire Protection District
Post Office Box 144
June Lake, California  93529
(760) 648-7390
Cory Campbell, Chief
Chalfant Valley Fire Protection District
215 Valley Road
Chalfant, California  93514
(760) 920-7923
Mike Booher, Chief
Bridgeport Fire Protection District
Post Office Box 375
Bridgeport, California  93517
(760) 932-7101
Mike Curti, Chief
Antelope Valley Fire Protection District
1129 Larson Lane
Coleville, California  96107-9777
(530) 495-2900
Caroline Sanderson
Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District
Post Office Box 5
Mammoth Lakes, California  93546 
(760) 924-9011
Jim Kerby, Chief
Mono City Fire Protection District
Post Office Box 156
Lee Vining, California  93541
Vince Maniaci, Chief
Long Valley Fire Protection District
3604 Crowley Lake Drive
Crowley Lake, California  93546
(760) 935-4545

If your local Fire Chief is unavailable, please contact Tony Dublino at (760) 932-5453.