Recycling FAQs

Recycling locations map

1. What is recyclable at the County Transfer Stations (TS)?

Glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, batteries, used oil, and HHW are all accepted for FREE at all sites. Mixed Paper Recycling is available at the Paradise Transfer Station only.

2. Where else can I take it?

Recyclables can also be taken to various non–county facilities and programs in Mono County that accept recyclables. Some of these facilities pay market rates for certain recyclables. To view additional information on the recycling facilities in the county, both county-operated and otherwise, click here.

3. Where does the recycling go?

Recyclables collected at the County Transfer Stations may be shipped to a processing center in Gardnerville, NV,  Bishop, CA or sold and shipped directly to market. 

4. Why don’t I get paid to drop recyclables at the County?

The County’s program was designed in order to encourage and enable recycling in the county, but the infrastructure that facilitates the marketing of recyclables (scales, crushers, balers, storage and transportation) have not yet been invested in. With the County’s current infrastructure, the cost of transportation of the materials is greater than the price the county receives for the materials once delivered to market.

5. Where can I get paid for the recyclables I collect?

See the Recycling Locations page for additional information on Certified Redemption Centers where you can be reimbursed for the California Redemption Value of your recyclables.

6. Why should I recycle?

Although the County does not pay for recyclables, recycling does pay. By reducing the volume of garbage you take to the TS, or have picked up by a waste hauler, you save money. Of course, recycling is the environmentally responsible choice.

7. Are there recycling services in the county that will pick up my recycling from my house?

Yes. Mammoth Disposal provides recycling service to unincorporated parts of Mono County.