IHSS Advisory Committee

Photo of seniors

As mandated by law (AB1682) Mono County created the In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Advisory Committee in the 2001/2002 Fiscal Year. The IHSS Program places providers in the homes of seniors, disabled persons, and blind persons to help them live independently at home as long as possible. The IHSS Advisory Committee provides the Mono County Department of Social Services and the Mono County Board of Supervisors with current IHSS Program performance reports and suggestions to improve IHSS services for both IHSS recipients and providers.


Additionally, the IHSS Advisory Committee routinely discusses:


  1. Legislation that may impact the delivery of IHSS services to Mono County recipients;
  2. Employer of Record issues by the Public Authority/Employer of Record;
  3. Availability and recruitment of new providers;
  4. Labor and wage reports for the providers; and
  5. Other issues presented by the IHSS Registry, Department of Social Services, and the community.


Of significance, the IHSS Advisory Board was crucial in creating the Community Health Fair that was held in Walker from 2004 thru 2011. The IHSS Advisory Board is again going to be essential, along with the IHSS Public Authority, in remaking a more comprehensive Community Health Fair in 2015.


In 2002, the Mono County IHSS Advisory Board and IHSS Public Authority were one of the first two counties in the state to implement provider background checks; seven years before all California counties were required to implement background checks through the Department of Justice. Provider background checks are essential to ensure Mono County IHSS recipients get the best IHSS services and most qualified IHSS providers.


The Mono County Board of Supervisors can appoint five (5) Advisory Committee members.  The ideal composition of the Advisory Committee includes two (2) past or present recipients of the IHSS Program.  In addition, one (1) member represents past or present IHSS providers, one (1) member is appointed by the county Department of Social Services, and one (1) member represents the community and has worked with the blind, disabled, or aging population.


The Mono County Board of Supervisors appoints IHSS Advisory Board Members to one (1) three-year term each.


Advisory Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of January, April, July, and October.  The majority of the meetings are held at the Mono County Courthouse Annex, CAO Conference Room in Bridgeport, CA with one meeting per year held at the Benton Community Center, which is dependent on weather conditions


If you or someone you know would like to participate on the Mono County IHSS Advisory Board, please call the IHSS Public Authority at (530) 495-2700 or Mono County Social Services at (760) 924-1770.