CodeRed Emergency Alert System and Mobile App

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To:       All News Outlets

From:  Jennifer Hansen, Public Information Officer

Date:   May 22, 2013

RE:      CodeRed Emergency Alert System and Mobile App

Mono County utilizes what is known as the CodeRed Emergency Alert System when a critical incident or emergency situation takes place within the county. This system is a database of resident and citizen information for use only in critical and emergency situations. The CodeRed System is used to send critical communications from evacuation notices, to hazardous weather alerts, to missing children alerts. When residents and citizens enter their information into the CodeRed Emergency Alert System, they are added to a nationwide database set exclusively for emergency community alerts in emergency situations. Your contact information remains private and is only used to contact you for community emergency communications.  To register for the CodeRed emergency alerts, log on to – Resources – CodeRed. You will automatically be linked to the national database system and asked to enter your contact information, including multiple phone numbers, text, and email addresses.

The CodeRed system has also joined the technology bandwagon. Designed to keep you informed and aware, the CodeRed Mobile App uses the national CodeRed Emergency System to alert subscribers within reach of a given notification and emergency situation. The app is geo-aware, and will ask to use your “current location,” so no matter where you are when an alert is issued, you will receive a push notification along with a voice file of the alert for up to 24-hours after the alert has been issued. This is a free app and is currently available for all smart phones - simply search “code red” to find the app through your current smart phone provider.

We encourage everyone to sign-up for the CodeRed Emergency Alert System to stay informed in case of an emergency. If you have any questions, or come across any problems with the CodeRed System, please contact Jennifer Hansen, Public Information Officer, at (760) 932-5279 or via email