Rock Creek Ranch Specific Plan, Draft EIR, and Final EIR

In May of 2009, the Mono County Board of Supervisors approved TTM 37-56 to subdivide a 54 acre parcel, located in the community of Paradise, into 60 lots.

In May 2013, the Board approved SP Amendment #1 and TTM 37-56 modification which eliminated the 5 “density bonus” lots for affordable housing and the 11 lots deed restricted to include an accessory unit to reflect the adopted Housing Mitigation Agreement

In 2013, an application for Specific Plan Amendment #2 was proposed to reduce the number of lots from 55 to 23. The Planning Commission recommended approval to the Board of Supervisors.  After which, Cal Fire changed its position regarding the projects compliance with fire codes. Subsequently, the project was redesigned to meet state and local fire codes. Amendment #3 reduced the number of lots from 55 to 10, the area designated as open space increased from 20 to 37.93 acres (private open space), the 3.05-acre common-area recreation lot was eliminated, sanitation would be provided by individual septic tanks rather than a package sewage treatment plant, and the water system would be managed by a newly established Rock Creek Ranch HOA. Amendment #2 was approved in 2014. 

Recently, an application for a Specific Plan Amendment #3 was accepted for processing. The Amendment will reduce the number of lots from 10 to 1, establish a primary residence with accessory structures and uses, establish an agricultural area, and establish a seasonal, limited-stay area for invited guests/visitors who practice and/or study agroecology, agroforestry, bio-integrated small scale farms, homesteading, aquaponics, permaculture, and/or agri-tourism.