Wildfire Resilience Week; Empowering Communities to Take Preventative Action

Wildfire Resilience Week Activities

The 2nd annual ‘Wildfire Resilience Week’ returns to the Eastern Sierra May 30 through June 8!

In partnership with Mono and Inyo counties, Whitebark Institute will be hosting a week-long series of events across the Eastern Sierra to help cultivate wildfire resilient communities using effective wildfire risk-reduction strategies.

Our goal is to equip residents with realistic and actionable steps to protect themselves and their homes from wildfires, while at the same time, fostering collective action within the community and region. Through this process, Eastern Sierra residents and guests can gain a deeper understanding of how our built and natural environments can thrive alongside wildfire.

The events during Wildfire Resilience Week offer a diverse range of opportunities for engagement and education, both in person and online. From informative discussions to hands-on demonstrations, there is something for everyone interested in learning the most effective and pragmatic ways to safeguard local communities against the threat of wildfires.

Residents, visitors, community members, and local leadership are encouraged to participate in as many events as possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of wildfire resilience strategies and to connect with fellow residents and experts in the field. Click here for more details.