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June Lake, CA

Mono County, California is a rural county situated between the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the California/Nevada border.   Accessed by state-designated Scenic Byway US Highway 395 which weaves its way north-south, Mono County is 108 miles in length, and has an average width of only 38 miles.  With dramatic mountain boundaries that rise in elevation to over 13,000 feet, the county’s diverse landscape includes forests of Jeffrey and lodge pole pine, junipers and aspen groves, hundreds of lakes, alpine meadows, streams and rivers, and sage-covered high desert.

The Eastern Sierra is a rare and beautiful place; a perfect place to both visit and to live.

The air is clean and crisp and clear.

Scenery and Climate

The climate is close to perfect. It rarely gets too hot in the summer and winters, while snowy at the higher elevations, are filled with sunny days and mostly moderate, winter temperatures.

The scenery is spectacular. The high, rugged snow-capped Sierra range dominates the region, stretching along the state-designated Scenic Byway U.S. Highway 395 corridor from Lone Pine to Reno.