Progress report on the CL Ball Field Bathroom/Concession Building

  If you have been down at the Crowley Lake Ball Field lately you will notice a new building in the process of construction.  The structure is framed in with the roof on and in the process of getting hardy back siding.  The building will continue to be worked on by John Hauter and his crew from the Facilities Dept. of Mono County, they are doing a great job.  The building should be completed this Spring/Summer with two unisex bathrooms, a drinking fountain, a equipment storage area, a concession area available to everyone with a refrigerator, coffee maker, hot plates, griddle, a roll out propane BBQ (you bring the propane), sink, a frost free hose bib located inside the equipment room, dog poop bags, trash removal and recycling.

This project was approved by both MUSD since the ball field is on leased property from the school district, and the Mono County Board of Supervisors and paid for by the Mono County Service Area #1 (CSA 1) and your tax dollars.

We are hopeful the residents of Mono County will use this new facility which will be maintained with funding from the CSA 1.  We want folks to use this building, the ball field for thier enjoyment to recreate.  It's a great place to walk the dog, take a hike or run, snowshoe or ski, snowsled, play soccer, baseball or run through the sprinklers on a hot day and have a picnic at the new picnic tables.  We hope you enjoy this new space.

We are thinking of ideas to create shade without having to plant trees which use up a lot of water.  Let us know if you have any ideas or other amenities you would like at the ball field.