Free Community Classes for CSA 1 property owners

     The CSA 1 is searching for instructors to teach classes at the Crowley Lake Community Center.  These classes well be free to all property owners within the district and a small fee for those folks living outside the district.  All classes are held at the Crowley Lake Community Center.  If there is a class or workshop you would like to teach or request a class please contact Kim McCarthy by phone at 935-4587, or email

The CSA 1 is happy to announce the recruitment of a Community Class Coordinator, Isabel Connolly.  We are currently working with County Council on Isabel's contract for this position.  Isabel will bring new energy to create a awesome program of classes and workshops for our community.  We will let you know when all the paperwork is done so she can get started but until then any requests can be sent to Kim at the contact info above.