CSA 1 Update on 10-yr plan

     The CSA 1 is currently working on 3 projects on the 10-yr plan.  They are:  Construction of a New Library to be located on the property of the Crowley Lake Community Center, Improvements to the Crowley Lake Ball Field, and a Skate Park.


     The construction of a new Library is a combined effort of the CSA 1 and the Crowley Lake Friends of the Library.  The CSA 1 did a survey to the community and the new Library received the most votes of what the community valued the most desireable than the other two projects of Ball Field and Skate Park.  Right now the CLFL just sent out their survey asking residents what they would like this new Library to look like, contain or services residents would like to see in a new Library.  The great think about having the Library next to our Community Center is that both buildings can be used by the community for things like large events, movie nights or emergency situations besides many other things.  It will also be a safe haven for kids to do homework and provide the community with a friendly social area to meet with others within the community.  Currently, the new Library must be approved by the Mammoth Lakes Library Authority Board.  This idem of discussion will take place and is on the Agends for thier Board Meeting on Oct. 26th at the ML Library at 10:00 am.  If you would like to attend this meeting to be an advocate for a new Library you are welcome to do so.  The CSA 1 board believes no decisions will be made at this meeting as the MLLAB will have many questions and will most likely be discussing the new Library in many meeting to come.  We will keep you updated as we get new information.  This project will be huge and will also need the approval of the Mono County Board of Supervisors.


    The Ball Field Improvements have been in discussion with Public Works for about one year.  We are working with Mono County to make the following improvements:  One building to house bathrooms, drinking fountain, frost free hose bib for baseball, storage area for concession area and storage for a pressure tank, picnic tables, and BBQ's.  We are hopeful that this project will get started next summer and completed as well.


     Skate Park came in last on our survey.  Still, we feel there needs to be something for kids to do here in Crowley.  We are looking at building a Skate Park also on the property that the Community Center shares because it is owned by the County and it will be easier to build on that site than go through private property.  Other sites we are looking at is the Ball Field that is owned by Mammoth Unified School Distrcit or the property the park sits on which is DWP.  Both the MUSD and DWP property could take years to develop.  We were already told no by the BLM, and the private property owner of Lakeview Estates.


     New activity on the above projects have taken place over the last couple of months since we have reported the above information. 

     The Mammoth Lakes Library Authority Board did meet and made a resolution to move forward with the Library.  That is good news for the Library to move forward, it will be a long process.  The CSA 1 is offering to finace the project and has funds in reserves and will continue to set aside funds each year to help build a new Library in Crowley Lake on the property at the CL Community Center.

     A proposal has been sent to Mammoth Unified School District asking for permission to build a wooden structure, 600 sq. ft. on a concrete slab to house 2 bathrooms, a storage/concession area, a utility room for a pressure tank, a drinking fountain, and a frost free hose bib.  There will be a concrete walkway to a paved parking area for handicap access.  This sturcture will sit behind the backstop and there will also be picnic tables and bbq's installed.  If time allows it may be possible to add some large shade trees.

     A proposal for a Skate Park to be built near the property line of Church on the Mountain and the Community Center near the bus stop was sent to Public Works for review as well as Community Development to make sure there is enough room and there are no wetland/setback issues.  

     The CSA 1 board will keep you posted on the progress of these three projects.  January 3, 2014 



     The CSA 1 is working on these 3 projects knowing that they will take some time to get done, especially the Library, if it does happen at all it will take 5-10 years.  We are hopeful that the Ball Field will get done in the summer of 2014 and we think that is a reality and it can happen.  The Skate Park is in the baby stages of development and will also take some time.  We continue to make improvements to the CL Community Center by adding new landscaping each year and we are looking at some type of pergola for the area where the flagstone/rocks now are.  We would like the community to know if anyone would like to plant a tree or donate a bench or any type of public art in the memory of a loved one we encourage them to attend one of our meeting to make that happen.  It is a difficult subject to get out to the public but we woud like folks to know we would like to offer that service to our community.