Workforce Services


Workforce Services

Mono County Workforce Services offers a comprehensive range of workforce development activities which promotes an increase in employment, job retention, earnings, and occupational skills development for program participants, resulting in an overall improvement of workforce quality, reduced aid dependence, and increased productivity and competitiveness. 

Workforce Education & Certificate Program

Make a career plan.
Update your skills.
Improve your communication

The Mono County Office of Education and Mono County Department of Social Services are teaming up to create a series of trainings to help you focus on your strengths and learn new skills.

You may attend all of these modules or select them individually based on your interests. A certificate is earned if all modules are completed.

Workforce Education Certificate Program Starting August 24th, 2016


The Mono County Office of Education and Mono County Social Services are teaming up to create a series of trainings to help you focus on your strengths and learn new skills to compete in today's job market.

This training will be interactive, engaging and open to everyone.  Come spend some time meeting new people and learning new skills.

You may attend all of the modules or select them individually based on your interests.  A certificate is earned if all modules are completed.

Module 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment to come in?
Workforce Services is open to the general public from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday except for county holidays. Please call ahead to ensure staff are availalbe to assist.

Where do I start?
Attend a monthly WIA orentation in Mammoth Lakes or Walker.

Job Search Resources

Workforce Services offers the following resource links to assist you in your job search and to help you find available jobs in your area.

Included are web sites that specifically target the local job market. Check our job board links for jobs in your area and search the State and Federal sites by keyword and city.

Employer Services

If you own a business and you haven't heard the words "job skills placement," "on-the-job training," or "subsidized employment," you'll probably be interested to know that these effective employment solutions could help save you time and money.

Mono County Workforce Services administers these State and Federal funded programs which combine wage-paid work, job skills training, and supportive services to help individuals succeed in the workforce.

Jobseeker Services

Looking for work can sometimes be an intimidating process. Our professional career counseling and placement staff at Workforce Services can help prepare you for this task and make the process of looking for work easier. Whether it is attending a workshop to help improve your job seeking skills or speaking with one of our placement staff about a job opening, Workforce Services is available to help you be successful in your quest to find employment.