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Welcome Message

Welcome to the District Attorney’s Website.  As a representative of the People of the State of California, the District Attorney’s Office has the responsibility to prosecute all criminal matters in the County of Mono.  Along with our prosecution duties, the Office of the District Attorney also handles a wide variety of other services for the county and its citizens, along with providing legal and investigative assistance to other law enforcement agencies throughout Mono County.

The purpose of the District Attorney is to promote and protect the public peace and safety of Mono County and I am very proud of our dedicated attorneys, investigators, victim advocates, and support staff who diligently and compassionately serve our citizens day in and day out. We consistently apply equal justice under the law to protect our community and ensure that victims and witnesses of crime are treated with compassion and respect.  One of my primary goals is to assure that you live in a safe community and that you have confidence that you and/or your family or children will never be a victim of crime.  

I hope this information provides you with a better understanding of the office and the criminal justice system.  I encourage you to review our Website and if you have any questions or need further assistance to please contact us.


Tim Kendall
Mono County District Attorney

Safeway, Parent Company of Vons, Settle Multi-County Hazardous Waste Litigation.

Safeway agrees to pay over 9 million in civil penalties to correct systmatic incorrect hazardous waste disposal across multiple counties.  Click on link below to read more.  

International Fugitive Convicted of Multiple Counts of Rape.

Child molester extradited from Mexico, convicted, and to begin life sentence.  Click on link below to read more.