Mono County

Support and Training

When someone chooses to be a foster parent they become a very important member of a team of professionals who are dedicated to the welfare of children.


Each child placed with you will have a social worker.  Social Workers, for example, play a key role in the foster child’s life and are readily available to assist foster parents in their efforts. In addition to coordinating birth parent visits, court appearances, and therapeutic services, social workers are oftentimes a foster family’s link to a variety of resources.

Additionally, there are groups such as the Foster Family Network (FFN). The FFN is a subordinate chapter of the California State Foster Parent Association, Inc.  Generally speaking, the main goals of FFN are to inform, educate and support the foster family community.

Lastly, financial assistance is also available for individuals who become foster parents.  See Foster Care Benefits


Before a child can be placed in a home potential foster parents must obtain a license to provide care to foster children.  The first step in obtaining a license is to attend a brief orientation either online or in-person.  There will be no registration fee for the Foster Family Home orientation, but there is a processing fee of $4.85 to use the online orientation system. To register for the online orientation visit the CDSS website. Click here.

At the in-person Mono County quarterly orientation individuals can obtain an application to become licensed along with other information regarding the process to becoming a foster parent.  This orientation provides a chance for individuals to meet and interact with others who may be interested in becoming a foster or an adoptive parent.

Mono County has wonderful resources available for potential foster parents.

Videos, CD’s and written material are available for check out.

For additional information, please contact:

Mono County Department of Social Services
Marlo Preis 760-924-1770